Viking Warrior Axe Norse Mammen Style Huge Silver Pendant


High quality pendant of a viking Axe in the Mammen style.Large size.Partly Gold plated.
Pendant made of 925 sterling silver (double sided pendant)

FREE beautiful braided leather cord with silver terminals in norse style.

The Mammen style is a phase of Scandinavian animal art during the late 10th century and the early 11th century. The style is named after finds from a chamber tomb in Mammen on Jutland, Denmark.

The finds included a silver engraved axe of which one side shows a markedly stylized animal with long appendages braided along the body.

There are animal representations that can have a more realistic style, like one of the lions on the Jelling stones. During this style there was an introduction of plant motifs.( from wikipedia)

  • Size: 30 x 50 mm
  • Weight: approx. 25 g
  • Origin: Ukraine

You can choose two types of finishes ( Brushed o Shiny)

Comes nicely packaged in a tiny sack made of authentic fabric.

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