Kolovrat Sterling 925 silver warrior pendant Slavic Fighting Necklace


The Kolovrat (Kolovrat, Collowrath) symbol is in modern ages considered as a panslavic pagan symbol of the Sun. It can be found in nearly all ancient religions, especially Slavic. Kolovrat or kolowrat means spinning wheel in a number of Slavic languages.

The kolovrat is one of the most respected and the most powerful protective pagan symbols and is a symbol of the god Svarog. It represents strength, dignity, sun and fire.

It is a symbol of secular as well as spiritual power. The kolovrat represents the endless cycle of birth and death, each turn of the wheel is a cycle of life in our world.

  • Size: diameter 50 mm
  • Weight: approx. 50 g
  • Origin: Ukraine
  • Stone Details: natural garnet
  • Material: Pendant made of 925 sterling silver (double sided pendant), the back is decorated with 8 gemstones & gold plated.

You can choose two types of finishes ( Brushed o Shiny)

When purchasing gold plated jewelry, keep in mind that this plating is not permanent. Over time, due to natural processes, the plating may experience different coloration, and eventually you will need to re-plate the jewelry piece for the full gold glow effect.

Comes nicely packaged in a tiny sack made of authentic fabric.

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