Manx Isle Sterling Silver Necklace Three Legs Of Man Pendant

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Men’s Manx three legs Isle of Man sterling silver pendant. Legend attributes the origin of the Three Legs to Manannan Mac Lir, the Celtic Sea God and ruler of Mann. He was out walking one day on Barrule when he saw Norse warships in Peel Bay.

He changed into the shape of three legs and rolled down the mountain like a wheel to the river which fed in to the bay.

Manannan tricked the invaders into believing a huge Manx fleet was sailing towards them by making little boats out of the sedge grass lining the riverbank and with his magical powers changing them into great ships of war.

  • Weight: approx.12 g
  • Size: diameter 35 mm
  • Origin: Ukraine

You can choose two types of finishes ( Brushed or Shiny)

Comes nicely packaged in a tiny sack made of authentic fabric.

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1 review for Manx Isle Sterling Silver Necklace Three Legs Of Man Pendant

  1. kjackson

    Exactly what I was looking for. Appears to be well made and it is substantial in heft.

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